Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up Da Hill!

After punking out on Monday and Tuesday rides, I decided to go today even though I may need to work tonight. I'm glad I did, it's a flipping gorgeous day, and I saw that my little orchard is starting to bloom with big pink flowers. I give it three days before it has complete erupted in bloom.

But I did my typical 3.6 mile ride. I know PiC thinks me a bit boring for always riding the same way, but to be honest, I can best gauge what my progress is this way. I know what it was like last time, and I know the differences this time.

I went slower, working on pacing myself. My ride was back to 30 minutes. Thing is, there were two major differences. 1) My legs were not exhausted when I got home. I was just starting to feel the burn, which is what led me to try 2) I biked up the hill to our house in the lowest gear. I stopped half way up to catch my breath, but only for 30 seconds or so. And otherwise I biked it. I haven't done that before. And even though my legs are completely made of jello now, I see it as a great measure of my progress.

The weekend is still looking rainy, but maybe there will be time to get out there anyway. I can hope. I definitely should make it out Thursday and Friday just in case Saturday and Sunday are a wash.

Still keeping steady on the weight thing. This is how I push on through. Or not. But if I do, it could end up just being muscles and that's fine too. :)

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