Friday, April 30, 2010


It's been about two weeks that I've plateaued at the same weight. I'm fairly certain that with the introduction of sugar and alcohol that my weight loss has come to a screeching halt. Not surprising really. But it's still disappointing because I won't reach my goal weight. By tomorrow. Still, a loss of 21 pounds is a win. And I do feel better, even if I'm feeling a bit.... bloated and heavy. Which makes me realize how ucky I felt 21 pounds heavier.

I still haven't been on the bike in a bit. I'm not sure what the block in my head is. I think that's also why the weight loss has stalled. But for as awesome as it makes me feel, I've been feeling tired lately. Perhaps also because of the sugar and alcohol. So while I'm not exactly having a lot of that, I'm still back to cutting back as much as possible without being a teetotaler.

We did however update our schedule for the elimination diet to give us some of the things that are harder to avoid and get them tested early. It's not keeping with the phases that they had in the book, but I think it suits us better. And it makes it possible for me to do some of the things that I want to during the month of May.

5/1 Eggs
5/4 Yeast/Gluten-free bread
5/7 Gluten
5/10 Kiwi
5/11 Sesame
5/13 Corn
5/16 Oats
5/19 Millet
5/22 Dairy

We'd found that fruit issues seem to show up immediately or not at all in us, so that gets only a day. We seriously miss eggs for our weekend breakfasts, and for me my weekday breakfasts. And with that back, I can get back to baking in earnest, because while flax seeds *work* for baking, they're not all that great. IMO. Make things gritty.

Getting gluten back on 5/7 also means that PiC and I can have an easier time going out of town for our anniversary (which is this weekend, but that is incredibly busy). We can go to a brewery for beer tasting, we can have pasta and make sandwiches for the trip. Because the thought is that we're going to do some biking on a trail down near New Ulm. I don't know how far I will make it, especially since I haven't been going, but we can always stop. Wait a while. Bike some more.

I think OSO is getting as weary of this diet as I am. Though I think that she has adjusted to it better. Her weariness may be more due to my whining than anything else. And PiC is thinking that he actually likes rice and beans as a staple for lunch. I am entertained. :)

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