Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It was a horrid day at work. And since I cannot have booze on the job, I jumped ship. I haven't tested Oats at all during the three days we had scheduled. Instead, today, I went and got myself a Cold Stone Creamery Cheesecake Ice Cream cup. And it was sinful and delicious and I don't care. The worst that it seems the ice cream has given me is gas. If that's the worst of it, then hell, as long as I keep the dairy in moderation, I'm pleased. I'll try oats and millet some other time. I'll keep to the schedule in the household, but I'm otherwise declaring myself done with the elimination diet.

Results: Need Preleif if I'm going to eat tomatoes (found that out with a tagine this weekend). Need to avoid the HFCS and the MSG. Caffeine in moderation and only early in the day. No artificial sweetners at all. My body definitely doesn't want any of those.

Probably should cut back on the wheat and not be so attached to the dairy. And more moderation in the alcohol than I had been as it makes me tired and sloth like. But otherwise, I can eat most things so long as they aren't prepackaged and pay attention.

The payment for such decadence though is I had to bike today. I wasn't really feeling it when I got home. But later, after I had eaten dinner and had a light cocktail (I did say it was a horrid day at work, right?) earlier and sobered up, I went out.

It was a route I've done once before, along Minnehaha Creek, and this time I went all the way up the hill at the end to Lyndale. That is a freakin' awesome hill. Very satisfying to turn around and ride at least half a mile on that speed without having to pedal. 3.6 miles today. All on my own. And I biked up both hills.

I'm thinking that if I get up early enough on Saturday, I should push myself and try to bike around Lake Nokomis. Even if I have to wait for 10 minutes to have my heart rate go down again, I want to go 5.5 miles. My legs were only a little wobbly at the end of this. :-D

It's either that or the Farmer's Market in St Paul. But that might not even be necessary as our CSA starts up this week. Woo!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today marks the first time I've been on my bike in almost 3.5 weeks. I've been such a punk. In part I feel like I've been a total slacker. And no wonder I've gained a couple pounds back. But I'm ready to be riding again and hopefully the weather will cooperate more.

It's a gorgeous 70 out today after all.

In any case, I made my first foray to the grocery store a mile away by bike, and hauling groceries back on my back. WooHA that was exhilarating and fun. :) I feel like an honest to gods adult urban BIKER now, running an errand on my bike. Probably added a good extra 3 pounds to my back.

The route is interesting. it's a slight incline most of the way there except for the big downhill by my house and the big downhill by the store. It means I was working during most of it, but got a good start and a satisfying finish on the way there. The way back, it meant that I had two HUGE hills to come up with the extra weight on my back. However, I got to rest for a good period in there as I coasted most of the way home. Even made it up the home hill too and when I hit our driveway I went "What? Already?" because I had thought the hill was bigger. :-D

I definitely feel it though that I haven't been in almost a month of crappy weather or crappy attitude. Must get out again tomorrow. Maybe I an get my light installed and I'll bike to my friends' place for class tomorrow. That could be fun. Though I wonder about the biking at midnight. Without a helmet. Hmm. I'll think on it.

It felt so good to get out there again though. Must. Be. Better. About it.

Monday, May 10, 2010


So, went away for the weekend the same point we got gluten back. Gluten seems to have generally gone well, except for the part where wheat makes one crave more wheat. The big problem of this weekend happened when we went to a Chinese Buffet though, thinking we might be able to eat some of the stuff.

No, we were incredibly ill on Saturday night, and even by Monday I'm still not feeling right. It was pretty immediate and there was way more time than bad reactions had been taking, so I'm pretty sure that it's the Chinese food and not the wheat or the accidental dairy that I had. So I'm guessing that the problem with pizza really was the tomatoes, and not the dairy. Weird. Must be MSG. It's the only thing we can think of.

Much to our disappointment though, there was no biking still. The weather has been just crap. So we drove down there and the bikes stayed on the back of the car the whole flippin' weekend. Not the fab getaway I was hoping for, but it was still lovely to just have some relaxing time with him. I just wish it had been... well... healthier.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Still have not managed to get on my bike. The weather has been for crap, and on the nice days I've been incredibly busy as it is. May 1 is a busy busy time for me, with 5 different meanings for me, including PiC and my's anniversary.

Good news is that eggs are not a problem. Nor does yeast seem to be, other than the fact that yeast seems to make me HUNGRY. As in I've eaten more in the last couple of days than I had all up to now; I wonder if this is why I have historically overate.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe my problem is ultimately a candida issue, and this diet that we've been on really hasn't addressed anything like a systemic candida infestation. If I'm still concerned about something like that, then I might try personally removing some of the candida feeding things and see what happens with that in a couple of months. I'm not going to make my family do this again.

This weekend though, PiC and I are headed to New Ulm. There will be a winery, and a brewery, and biking. He's in charge of finding the bike trails we're going to go on. :) I seriously need a break from the cities, so this is going to be good.