Friday, April 30, 2010


It's been about two weeks that I've plateaued at the same weight. I'm fairly certain that with the introduction of sugar and alcohol that my weight loss has come to a screeching halt. Not surprising really. But it's still disappointing because I won't reach my goal weight. By tomorrow. Still, a loss of 21 pounds is a win. And I do feel better, even if I'm feeling a bit.... bloated and heavy. Which makes me realize how ucky I felt 21 pounds heavier.

I still haven't been on the bike in a bit. I'm not sure what the block in my head is. I think that's also why the weight loss has stalled. But for as awesome as it makes me feel, I've been feeling tired lately. Perhaps also because of the sugar and alcohol. So while I'm not exactly having a lot of that, I'm still back to cutting back as much as possible without being a teetotaler.

We did however update our schedule for the elimination diet to give us some of the things that are harder to avoid and get them tested early. It's not keeping with the phases that they had in the book, but I think it suits us better. And it makes it possible for me to do some of the things that I want to during the month of May.

5/1 Eggs
5/4 Yeast/Gluten-free bread
5/7 Gluten
5/10 Kiwi
5/11 Sesame
5/13 Corn
5/16 Oats
5/19 Millet
5/22 Dairy

We'd found that fruit issues seem to show up immediately or not at all in us, so that gets only a day. We seriously miss eggs for our weekend breakfasts, and for me my weekday breakfasts. And with that back, I can get back to baking in earnest, because while flax seeds *work* for baking, they're not all that great. IMO. Make things gritty.

Getting gluten back on 5/7 also means that PiC and I can have an easier time going out of town for our anniversary (which is this weekend, but that is incredibly busy). We can go to a brewery for beer tasting, we can have pasta and make sandwiches for the trip. Because the thought is that we're going to do some biking on a trail down near New Ulm. I don't know how far I will make it, especially since I haven't been going, but we can always stop. Wait a while. Bike some more.

I think OSO is getting as weary of this diet as I am. Though I think that she has adjusted to it better. Her weariness may be more due to my whining than anything else. And PiC is thinking that he actually likes rice and beans as a staple for lunch. I am entertained. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No riding

It has been since Wednesday since I rode my bike. I'm missing it. In fact, I think it has more to do with why I feel tired today than anything other than the cold and damp that it is. Which is why no riding in the rain. My joints would be pissed at me.

In the mean time though, happily oranges do not seem to cause any more of a problem than a little bit of congestion. Which means I can have my Sunday morning mimosas again. I have to say that I approve of that, I would have missed traditional mimosas.

I'm ready for the rain to be gone though. I need some warm days. I want to bake winter out of my bones.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up Da Hill!

After punking out on Monday and Tuesday rides, I decided to go today even though I may need to work tonight. I'm glad I did, it's a flipping gorgeous day, and I saw that my little orchard is starting to bloom with big pink flowers. I give it three days before it has complete erupted in bloom.

But I did my typical 3.6 mile ride. I know PiC thinks me a bit boring for always riding the same way, but to be honest, I can best gauge what my progress is this way. I know what it was like last time, and I know the differences this time.

I went slower, working on pacing myself. My ride was back to 30 minutes. Thing is, there were two major differences. 1) My legs were not exhausted when I got home. I was just starting to feel the burn, which is what led me to try 2) I biked up the hill to our house in the lowest gear. I stopped half way up to catch my breath, but only for 30 seconds or so. And otherwise I biked it. I haven't done that before. And even though my legs are completely made of jello now, I see it as a great measure of my progress.

The weekend is still looking rainy, but maybe there will be time to get out there anyway. I can hope. I definitely should make it out Thursday and Friday just in case Saturday and Sunday are a wash.

Still keeping steady on the weight thing. This is how I push on through. Or not. But if I do, it could end up just being muscles and that's fine too. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

On sugar and lack of desire for it.

One other curious thing that I have noticed since introducing sugar back. While it is useful for the properties in cooking etc, I find that I really crave it like I did previously. I don't find myself thinking about it. I don't really want it that strongly, other than in chocolate.

A part of me wonders if this will happen when I test wheat and gluten. I'd like for them to be not as big a deal.

But really if the only thing that happens from this is that I have broken my sugar addiction, I manage to avoid HFCS, and I eat tomatoes only on rare occasion, I think that this whole process has been a win, for as frustrated as it makes me.

Stand Still, Move Forward

My weight has been pretty stable for the last week or so, hovering at the same weight within a .5 pound each way. We also introduced sugar back in, though I'm keeping it limited, so that probably has something to do with it. The side effect of me staying stationary with the weight loss has been that I'm starting to feel kinda... blimpy. Even at 20 pounds lighter than I was 2 months ago. And still at least 3 pounds from my current goal/benchmark.

It's kind of ridiculous, I can see when I look at that objectively. Hell, I can even look at myself in a mirror and see the difference. It doesn't make a difference in my feeling about my body from within my skin. I need to be at least 20 more pounds lighter by the end of the summer, I think. That's with the recognition that it's going to be a hell of a lot more work from here on out. And meaning I'll need a whole new wardrobe for winter.

I didn't get out at all on my bike last week though. I'm not kidding myself that that is disconnected from my current standstill on weight. But today was a gorgeous day and I had time from all the other productive things I've been doing with my time, so I went out alone for a ride, just down to 28th Ave and back along the creek.

Gorgeous day. The trees are blooming though, and pretty though it may be with the orchard like lining of the bike path for stretches, I can feel it in my lungs. 3.6 miles. And when I got back I was wheezing a little bit. Depressed myself with the walk up the hill back to the house again and just feeling exhausted. But then I looked at a time stamp of a Facebook status I made, and it said it had been 26 minutes since that post.

Well, knowing at what stage that I was at in getting out of the house for my ride at that point, I have to say I was out there for at *most* 20 minutes on that bikeride. Which is 10 minutes faster than I had ridden it the last time I did that. Well hell, no WONDER I was out of breath and exhausted when I got back. I sprinted instead of doing endurance biking. But still a good workout at that, and more than I had done before.

So faster, if not longer. I think I can take that as progress. I need to pace myself better during this week, and see if I can make myself go longer then. I want to try a 5.3 mile ride next weekend around Lake Nokomis, even if I have to stop for a while. But I need to see if I can push myself a little further if slower this week. It is supposed to be nice all week, so I have to insist on getting out in the afternoon when I get home. Weekend might not be nice until Sunday. But hopefully there is at least one nice weekend day for my expedition.

And maybe this time next week I can be down 2 pounds again, and closer to goal weight. Well, my current goal weight at least.

As for the elimination diet, I accidentally had HFCS on Friday. You see, I was certain that I knew what went into sushi. What I didn't count on was that the vinegar in the sushi from Macy's downtown had freakin' HFCS in it. I kinda shrugged my shoulders, and moved on, but later that day I started noticing the heart racing/anxiety reaction. I'm fairly certain that the HFCS is the culprit, because regular sugar, and even regular fructose didn't cause that. There was nothing else in the sushi that I hadn't had before.

So I will have to wait until we get to corn at the end of May to find out if it's corn that is the problem or HFCS in particular. All I know is that shit is EVIL.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sugar is sweet.

That is all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Definitely no tomatoes

We had pasta last night, with tomatoes cooked and tossed in with the rest of the food.

This morning, I not only have digestive unhappiness still, but I have a splitting headache and ache all over. It's kind of like a hangover, to be honest. And I'm pretty well miserable.

Yup. That would be the problem. *sigh* I'm going to have to figure out how to get over this. Even if I have to do the homeopathy thing to try to mitigate. I will desperately miss them. If it's the only thing, I might try to figure out who to live with it. But.... Great unhappiness.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Strawberries went well yesterday from what I could find, but it was an overall emotional day in other venues. I failed at eating lunch, for instances. So before dinner I had eaten a fruit smoothie and a bottle of apple juice. Dinner I ate limited amounts, and quickly, and not much else.

It meant I lost a pound between yesterday morning and this morning. This is not something I want to repeat though. I don't want to actually be starving myself. I hit a point of losing like 4 pounds in the last week today. That is seriously too fast and not okay. I will probably be up again tomorrow if I eat normal meals today.

Thing is, I'm at a point where while I know that I'm losing weight, I'm not *noticing*. I know it sounds weird. But there was a moment when I woke up one morning and said "I bet I feel like I'm a pound lighter". And I actually was. Now, even though I'm losing weight, I feel the same. I can't tell the results. I'm not seeing the change in the clothes.

It makes me wonder if I'm losing actual weight or messing with water at this point. Am I just dehydrated, etc.

I am at this moment less than I was when I met PiC though. Not to this month's goal weight, but I have 2 weeks to lose 2.5 pounds. Haven't biked yet this week. I think it has been about a week. I need to get out today. Still working on the motivation issues from before.

Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I hit 20 pounds lost.

:) YAY!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Number One Rule

Never EVER talk with coworkers about current strategies to get into biking or get healthier. You would think that I would have learned this. But when the coworker starts talking about how she got on her bike for the first time this season and went 20 miles...

There's no kudos for a 3.5 mile ride. You can't even make it the 5 miles to go all the way around Lake Harriet? Pshaw.

This is what I fight against when I try to get myself going. No. I can't. I can't just *push through it*. To do so is to invite injury upon myself because that is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I try that in my exercise program. There's no understanding, and there's a bit of condescension when trying to talk about it. That's not encouragement.

I need to stop when my body says stop. Because it's not a little bit of leg soreness I risk, it's having to lay down for 3 days straight because my back can't handle it.

These are the people who picked on me in gym class. Fuck them. It's a victory just feeling well enough to go out there. To go 2 miles. To move at fucking all.

Now maybe if I tell myself that enough I'll actually believe it. I'd rather go in the bathroom at work and cry.

More confused than ever

Had lamb kabobs on the weekend. And I did not have the same sort of GI distress that I had on my birthday. Not by a long shot. And so now I'm unclear as to whether I can be eating red meat or not. Unless the fish was bad. Or the tamari wasn't wheat free. Or there was hidden butter at lunch on my birthday. Or something else I missed. *sigh* Or maybe I was just sick.

Caffeine had the same effect that it always does. Which is to say Monday I'm tired and dehydrated. We're going to skip that whole tea thing except on weekends, I think. And I will not be going anywhere near Coke again. Ugh. Morning came too quick this morning.

I think caffeine has also contributed to my mood issue. That and my general back crappiness. I cleaned a bunch in the apartment this weekend, me and the housemates, and that was about all the activity I could handle. I missed a social engagement, I couldn't go biking, because I was on a painkiller that lasted way too long. And now I'm on the emotional downslide from that. Meh.

5 pounds away from my latest goal, and that's for the end of the month. We'll see. I really want to make the stretch goal, not just the official goal.

Friday, April 9, 2010


There is something intensely satisfying with being exactly on the trend line for where I'm supposed to be weight wise towards my goal weight and date.

Intensely satisfying.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too fast

So yesterday was my birthday. I tried to craft something that was both of the sort of food celebration that I associate with my birthday, but also within my diet.

Breakfast was waffles, with ground flaxseeds and water standing in for the eggs, and a gluten free mix we found that would fit the plan where we stand right now. They were... Okay.

I also ate at two restaurants.

The first was a greek restaurant that I am quite fond of, Gardens of Salonica. There I split a slab of lamb and half of one little potato (there were three of those on the plate) with PiC. And a little plate of olive oil soaked artichoke hearts. My mouth was singing. My head felt a little cotton stuffed, and that was consistent with the potato but I otherwise didn't feel all that off.

Went biking. 3.6 miles, down to Lake Nokomis and down a small bit before resting and then heading back. It was beautiful if just a little cold. If we keep having weather like this in March and April though, I'm going to stop complaining about Minnesota weather.

We came home and had ice cream that was dairy free and made with coconut milk. It was okay, but I'm sure I won't be having that again. And I had my banana and one dried papaya strip.

Then we went to Fuji-Ya, which I haven't been to for sushi in a very long time. We were very upfront with our waitron and she was as obliging as could be. We got 3 sashimi platters and a bowl of miso and requested tamari for our dipping sauce with the wasabi. I found out that I *love* red snapper, which I had never been aware of having before in sushi form.

We got home, and I was immediately sick. In a fashion that I have not been since we started this diet, it wasn't even this bad with the tomatoes. But with all that I had, I can't point to something and go "a ha, this is the problem".

I'm seriously heartbroken. I can't handle getting sick everytime I go out to eat again, but now I'm a little gunshy. I don't have a clue what it was that caused it.

It might have been the lamb, but I'm not certain. Red Meat is supposed to be hard on the system, especially if one has IBS. Or it could have been the volume of coconut milk. PiC thought it might have been the raw fish too, but that just doesn't seem right to me. Or maybe it was the potato, but I didn't have that reaction to potato before so it's even scarier because now my body doesn't seem a predictable place.

I'm going to suggest that we try lamb again on the weekend. Please don't be the problem so that I can never have the world's most perfect meat again. :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Towards the New Normal

There were intentions on biking today, but I think I might have slightly over did it yesterday. I mostly was kinda tired today until I hit the point where I was flat out exhausted and had to sleep. I think that's because I failed to eat lunch. Shouldn't do that again. But even having had a positively fabulous dinner, I haven't quite perked up and still feel kinda sluggish.

Even my mom, who I Skyped with this morning for Easter mentioned that I look like I've lost quite a bit of weight. Hit 17 pounds lost this morning with yet another pound gone and I am in awe.

Dinner though was I think one of the best things we've done since we started on this diet. And I mentioned that with the dinner we made, I feel like we're finally heading back into the realm of Normal with our food choices. Just healthier.

We had grilled chicken that was brushed with an olive oil/agave nectar/fresh poultry seasonings blend. And he grilled them to perfection, even the little bit of charring was *tasty*. Grilled asparagus too.

And then because we're testing the tree nuts at this point, I made a pilaf for the side. A pilaf is sorta like a risotto and sorta not. Whereas with a risotto you *must* stir it and you add the liquid a little at a time, a pilaf you *must not* stir it. But otherwise it is the same. You take the things that will be in the pilaf, you saute them up, you saute the rice in the oil with them, and then you add the liquid all at once and ignore it until the liquid is absorbed like a regular rice.

Our pilaf had onions, the rest of the poultry seasonings, whole skinned toasted hazelnuts, and chicken broth for the liquid for our medium grained brown rice. OMG it had been a long time since I'd done a pilaf and this was incredible. Maybe it's not as classic as some, but it certainly worked for our tastes.

I think one of the best things about this elimination diet is that it's forcing us to think of new ways to use our food as they are available. The nuts is what made me think pilaf, especially when I decided I didn't want the hassle of doing hazelnut encrusted chicken as had been my original thought for tonight. This seemed easier.

But also, tonight was the first time that I felt like we were back to "normal" food. I don't really know what it is that switched in my head with the nuts. I think in part because with each thing we add so many OPTIONS are coming up as possibilities. While there are certainly things that I miss, tonight, I didn't want for any of it.

And that feels really cool.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm Melting!

I knew the weight loss, it was coming. I am now .6 pounds below goal, and 4 days early.

So goal has been reset for next goal. I want to hit 10% weight loss by the time I reach my 2 year anniversary with PiC. Which is May 1. So I can be at or below what I was when I met him. I may not make it to 10%, but so long as I'm at what I was when I met him, I will feel a continued success at this. 10% can wait until Memorial Day if it has to.

We shall see if I can maintain a 2 lb per week weight loss as we add in refined sugar, caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol over the next month. Moderation, my dear Tegan. Moderation.

I think this afternoon is a bike ride.... *happy dance*

ETA: Yup. 3.5 miles. That means I have biked a full 7.3 miles this week. WOO!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Freedom, Joy, and Pain

With my starting to bike, the world seems way smaller AND bigger than I thought it to be. I really like travelling through the world with both speed and awareness. I had forgotten how much I loved biking. I can see this becoming my preferred method of travel on a daily basis.

With all of that though, my back is feeling.... not pained, but a little bit grumpy this morning. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or need to do differently so that this does not become a block for me.

To the internet for me. I need to not break. Really.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Round and round we go

Survived Chicken just fine. And beans, they were never an issue. I did on the last day of Chicken try Potato and Pepper again, but in smaller doses than I typically have. I suspect that if I have my nightshades very limited, and time it with my cycle properly, that I can have them in small quantities. We'll still try tomatoes again later.

Tonight I'm baking a Turkey breast. So as to have that with lunch tomorrow too. Good, because I'm getting sick and tired of salad. This does not bode well over all.

Mostly, the big news is I'm back on the bike, twice this week. Yesterday I biked 1 mile as I tried to and failed to make it to the store that is 1 mile away. I only made it half way when I realized I had forgotten my lock and so therefore had to turn around. At which point I knew that while I could make it there, I was too tired to make it back easily from the store, and so just drove. There were hills too, so it wouldn't have been an easy mile. We'll try next time.

But today I had more energy. And I biked a little further than I did with PiC and OSO the last time I went out with them. 2.8 miles. I was aiming for 3, but I didn't check my route before hand and I think that worked. I bet if I actually went down to the lake and then back it would have been 3 miles. Ah well, next time. All in all that took me about 30 minutes on my own. And I feel AWESOME. And stinky.

I looked at the map though, and if I can handle biking to, around, and back from the lake, that is 5.5 miles. That's about how much it would take to get to work. And I'd be able to bike commute like PiC does. So now I have the training route I'm aiming for. :)

I did have a small bit of Not Good Enough while biking. I wasn't "dressed" right, I was going kinda slow, but I was out there. And it's going to take time. None of them gave me shit, just wanted me to get over when they were going by faster. And I don't blame them.

Also? It's a lovely 80 out there. Perfect perfect weather. Yeehaw.